Monday, May 25, 2009

Colt Stands Up, Grows Horns

AM: 70 Minutes Trainer Ride w/short sprints
AM: 35 Minutes Alter-G
PM: 2 Hours Ride with 30 Minutes Tempo

Memorial day was training day for this dude. My planned long ride was shelved when Mike Silva, being the work horse he is, opened Foundation Performance. I did some trainer ride to get the legs turning over. Threw in some short sprints and then after the trainer ride I rode down to Mikes and jumped on the Alter-G where I did 35 minutes of running at 6:30 pace and at 80% body weight. This was a better session and I did not feel any real knee pain during the session. When I got off though I was a little sore 2/10 on the pain scale. Jumped on the bike and rode home after, very pleased with my mornings work.

In the afternoon I did 30 minutes steady and then lashed 30 minutes at Tempo/Steady State. It was great and I had a tail wind so I was really flying. I met Coxy for an hour cool down and its always a good sign when 2 hours is up and I don't want to stop. All in all 3.5 hours training is a good day.

On the music front all has been quiet. I saw Grizzly Bear open for Radiohead a couple of times and I thought they were pretty good but not amazing and certainly not a band that I went home and searched out. In all fairness it is tough to warm up and for me to judge the band based on these shoes is pretty shoddy. I remember seeing Interpol warm up for Coldplay in Marley Park. Myself and Vinny were not really into Coldplay and we were part of the 5% of the crowd who were into Interpol. The show was mute, lacking energy, and almost an after thought. Yet this was the reason we went! Coldplay hit the stage and everything changed. We stayed for most of it before leaving........

So with that being said I am going to give the new Grizzly Bear a listen. I like the track 'Two Weeks', both the album version and the live version. I have been rather negative about Fleet Foxes. I didn't enjoy the album all that much but I can see why people like it. Yes, the track 'Two Weeks' has some Fleet Foxes sound but I simply like it, thats the buzz. I have three albums in the hopper from artists I don't know all that much about. Someone suggested the new Royksopp but I have already been listening to it. I am a huge fan of Melody A.M. and everything else has been downhill even if some tracks off The Understanding really hit home. I will check out The Girl+The Robot but one of the singles I heard was disappointing.

Peace and Love,


  1. well worth checking out if you havent already; florence and the machine - cosmic love
    her albums out in july

  2. I'll get on that right away, thanks!