Friday, December 26, 2008

On The High Rise Estate

AM: 65 Minutes, Port Elgin, About 9.5 Miles

Another tough morning to run. There was a lot of ice rain mixed with snow and it was blowing in my face for half of this run. At times I actually got a little grumpy because I couldn't open my eyes! All in all it was a lovely run though and a nice stretch of the legs after yesterdays day off. I hadn't intended taking a day off yesterday but it was really icy and I really wanted to kick the cold that has been lingering. Anyway, it was a good move and it made the run today feel very nice considering the conditions. Played lots of Techno today on the run but finished up with Morrissey.

Today we head to Cambridge, Francine's old stomping grounds. I will get in some miles tomorrow and maybe even try to squeeze in the tempo run that I had to abandon last week. Usually after or even during Christmas I feel like ass from eating and drinking too much but right now I feel fantastic and I am completely buoyed by watching Liverpool roll over Bolton Wanderers. 

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, I know I did but I am looking forward to getting back into routine, posting more detail on these blogs, listening to more music, and taking training to the next level. I am getting tired of running 50 mpw so hopefully the next 4 weeks I will get my leg feeling healthy so I can be up around 70 which is where I need to be.

Peace and love,


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