Monday, December 15, 2008

Ritter Sport

AM: 8 Miles, No Time, Blue Hill Trails
PM: 4.2 Miles, No Time, Blvd

I left the watch at home today. Not that it really accomplished anything because I think I ran pretty quick this morning. However I crawled this afternoon and not because I was trying to recover, rather my legs hurt, both knees felt old and worn and I probably should have just bagged it but alas I didn't and I need someone to tell me off!

Keeping it positive though, this morning was great. I felt fantastic and other than knee pain my heart and lungs were in a relaxed state of being. Lovely stuff. This afternoon I was sore and limping so I can't say I enjoyed my run and I wished I took it off. I listened to some great tunes on the iPod and when I got home Frankie had some veggie burgers and Kate Bush ready to go. Let me tell anyone who reads this blog that I LOVE Kate Bush and I wish I could have seen her perform one of her few concerts back in the 80's.

Other great things about today. I am eating a Ritter Sport Chocolate and Cornflakes bar. I wish Francine never discovered this bar. Anyone who knows me can attest to my Chocolate addiction. It does not manifest itself too often over in these United States because I don't particularly like American chocolate. I like the creamy euro chocolate especially run of the mill cheap Cadbury (UK) and Rowntree (UK) bars that can be picked up down the News Agents. Ritter Sport is euro but I tend to avoid it, until now. This bar is exceptional, and by saying I could eat one everyday I am not overstating the fact. So I am eating one now and every bite is a dream. Along with this I have a cup of tea on the go and none other than the Drogheda Independent ready to read. The local paper fills me with Joy and even though I can get the news online nothing beats having the weekly town paper in all its glory. I actually have two editions here so lots of town gossip to catch up on.

I wonder how many of the current crop of Female Solo Artists look at Kate and think, impossible, its impossible to be that good. Maybe not many, but I think this is the case. Tori Amos is a bit of a modern day Kate and despite being fantastic, she is no Kate. I have a you tube clip below that is amazing on so many levels. David Gilmore has a ridiculous guitar, Kate is wearing some serious vintage clobber, and the base player may have the best hair do I have ever seen, ever!

Peace And Love,


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  1. "...a Ritter Sport Chocolate and Cornflakes bar."

    Man, that sounds like a heck of a bar; gonna try and pick one up in Dunnes later.