Monday, December 22, 2008

Drinking Guinness By The Fire

AM: 10 Miles, Treadmill, 63:00, Core Work

To mention the snow is futile right now. Please accept it when I tell you there is literally feet upon feet of powder everywhere. Even the hardiest of Canadians are complaining. So today was another treadmill and I was lovin it. Beautiful running listening to a mix of tunes ranging from Hot Chip to Sigur Ros. Started out at 7:00 min pace and quickly squeezed it down to a faster pace.

Again, I want to thank you all for the comments. It makes these times a little easier and keeps the belief high. Most people are enjoying the holidays and getting ready to start their new years resolutions but the day I started this blog and subsequent comeback was my resolution so this week is a holiday but running has its place and on Friday when its all said and done its back to work.

Peace and Love, and many pints of creamy black Guinness,



  1. Keith,

    I need that list of 2008 more than anything! With temps in Colorado so damn cold, the treadmills and the Shuffle are among my only running companions for a great part of my runs. Glad you made it safely, I know sometimes (one time really) you have some difficulty driving in the snow/ice.

    Oh, and I hope You and Francine have a great Christmas. Good wished and love from Shannon and I.

  2. Its coming my friend....Sunday night!