Friday, December 5, 2008

Really Good Black Coffee

AM: 4.3 Miles, Easy Running, No Time, Blvd PM: 7.5 Miles, 49:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Steady Running

Please don't think I'm an asshole for saying that running today was so awesome I doubt anybody in America enjoyed their Friday, December 5th day of running as much as me. It kicked off this morning at 7:15ish when I went for my morning run on the blvd. I felt so good that I had to force myself to slow down. I listened to "In Rainbows", and as tracks like Big Ideas played I asked myself why I can't feel like this everyday. My run was made that little bit better when I bumped into my main man Jay who was out doing his own spiritual jaunt. I was terribly excited about doing my second run in the PM and it was perfect. I'm talking bouncy, no pain, nice weather, deep dreams. The blvd is about 1.7 miles long so an up and back is part of almost every run I do. I was so lost in thoughts and my music that I actually couldn't remember one whole length of the run. I am not delusional, I am just truly excited to be back training, so much so that I fall into deep visualization when I feel good. I spoke to Steve Jones this morning and that certainly lifted my spirits too. Basically, the runs today are the reason I decided to attempt this whole comeback. If I never race I at least want to have the feeling I had today, frequently and over a long period of my remaining time on earth.

I drink coffee from the Coffee Exchange in Providence. It is the best cup of coffee I've had east of Boulder's Espresso Roma. The Roma is the best cup of regular black drip coffee I've had in the 12 years that I've been in America. This place was a major part of my time in Boulder and the people and unique energy in the place was just as infectious as the strong, extra bold coffee they served. My friend Mark worked there and also worked at the exchange. He chooses his establishments wisely. Kate Lesta, the owner and manager of the Roma also happens to be a promoter of all things techno in Boulder and she invites fantastic DJ's from all over the globe to grace the decks at her Communikey events. She is awesome and totally encourages melodic and minimal techno to play loudly and frequently from the coffee shop sound system. In the morning a line of CU Students, Faculty, local residents, business people, hipsters, hippys, and everyone in between bulge the entrance and all bop their heads to the sound of Micheal Mayer, Booka Shade or Pantha Du Prince. It is an awesome experience and I miss those guys. The exchange is a little different. The coffee is just as good (the Roma wins out because of the music policy. Coffee tastes better to the sound of the underground) but the vibe is different and not in a bad way. The same kind of diverse crowd attends the exchange but ultimately its more of your Brown University crew along with lots of local activists, writers, artists, musicians and even politicians/lawyers (they are there every morning) Every morning I wake up I think about the Exchange and how it is pretty much the perfect start to the day. Just like the Roma was back in Boulder. The moral of this blurb is that having a local coffee shop that serves amazing coffee and makes you feel better is awesome. I do drink Starbucks. There is one around the corner from me that uses the clover machine and when I am on the road it is the best and most consistent dark cup of coffee you can find. Frankie and I also like to walk around when we wake on the weekends (the Exchange is 1.7 miles so its a long walk) BUT if I had walking access to places like the exchange or roma I would go no where else. The starbucks being a 1 minute walk versus driving to the exchange is always a troublesome delemia for Frankie and I so it is typically only a weekend morning thing. Obviously there are many other coffee shops out there and I do hope to experience the best the country has to offer but right now I can't imagine anywhere in the US that serves as good a coffee as my two locals. I am lucky to have the exchange and I was lucky to have Espresso Roma. With good coffee life is just the little bit better.

Tomorrow is all about the sounds. I have a lot of music to catch up on and I am going to Sean D's Christmas party. I linked one of his mixes here a few weeks back and I may record a mix of my own this space,

Peace and Love from a happy camper,


PS McArdle just text me to tell me that Delta Spirit -- Children is a great song. I think its alright but I don't love the style of Delta Spirit. Its not really my cup of tea.


  1. LFC just banged in their 2nd goal and secured 3 points I feel...

  2. i saw delta spirit and nada surf on a night that reminded me why i dont start drinking at 3pm for an 11pm concert.

    delta spitit was cool but if you like them check out frightened rabbitt for a better band.