Wednesday, December 10, 2008


PM: 1 Mile, Treadmill, Hilton Garden Inn Syracuse, NY

Yes, that is one mile, 6 and a half minutes of running. No panic, no alarms, just shoddy wiring in the Hilton Garden Inn fitness center. Ted Fitz and I are in a business park off I-90 and it's about 6 bells. Its snowing and there is ice everywhere, not to mention no where to run without taking on major traffic. So we make a rational decision to hit up the fitness center. There are two treadmills side by side and there is a large TV with Jim Cramers Mad Money on....Sell Sell Sell. The scene is set and the intention is 8-10 miles. So in the middle of some conversation and while Jim screams in our ear about some new stock the machines stop, the TV turns off and all electricity in the room is lost. And thats it. No happy ending unless we wanted to wait for new fuses or if we wanted to risk running on icey roads in the dark. We waited around for the electricity to come back on but no cigar. Instead we did some core work and hit downtown Syracuse fo some grub. Overall I am pretty annoyed but I would be worse if I had to stop due to injury. I am feeling good and despite being tired from a long day of travel and some selling we were both buzzing along for 6-7 minutes. Fitzy is starting a training load for Boston and will be ready for some fast times.

I am almost finished my year end list of albums. I am deciding whether or not to include techno albums or if that should be a seperate catagory. I also have more than 10 which was going to be my cap so I will either do a top 15 or I will have an Honorable Mention List.

Selling in to a couple of Fleet Feet stores tomorrow so I will try and get a double in the AM and when I get home. I am a little off schedule but work comes first....sometimes.

Peace and Much Love,



  1. Sorry to hear. Better to miss when you are healthy than injured. At least I managed to squeeze a bit of Radiohead into my post for you today so their is something positive in the Universe of Blog.

  2. "works comes first....."
    gucci little piggy