Friday, December 19, 2008



Since there were some comments I feel like I should explain myself. It is difficult to complain when one of my friends/readers is from Alaska, but the whole day was a tough one even for the most vicious of Alaskan runners. 

We hit the road at 6AM out of P-Town to beat the storm but by the time we hit Syracuse it was snowing heavily. Once we hit 81N to Kingston it was a joke and down to single lane traffic moving at max speeds of 35-40 mph. The remaining 120 Miles took about 4 hours. In the meantime the cold I was trying to kick last week came back with a vengeance that crushed my spirits. My throat was so sore and raw on the whole drive. 

By the time we hit Kingston a foot of snow had fallen and the wind was biting. Snow was literally blowing every direction and gathering in drifts that made waking the sidewalks a kin to a core routine. Temps were below -4 F and -20F  with the wind chill. It was the coldest wind I have experienced in years. So with having a head cold, and no where to run I had to bag the day. Its only going to help my leg get better anyway so I don't mind.

The snow has stopped and we plan on hitting the road to Port Elgin tomorrow. Francine and Wykes are gone to run on T-Mills at the gym and I am getting rid of this head cold once and for all.

Love Kel


  1. Surely Snow will give you time to devise more strange overtones?

    And Although we may have no time for the trust we hold in 'na reamhaisneas na haimseoiri' but, on a higher plain a message was given none the less 'roger echo sierra tango'. Its good for the pumpkin fella.

    I was looking at the photographs of Geds wedding today and how i wished so much that i could have made it to that. Top table looked class and no doubt, was well delivered... Keep r' country as Crawlor belched out a lot of nights,

    Gruaigain, Lookin forward to Arsenal the Weekend....Kelism

  2. Why don't you go run at the 400 meter indoor facility like I did today?

  3. The way you tend to overtrain and come back to fast this could be a blessing in disguise. Your body is again telling you something with the sickness.

    I suggest listening to some smooth jams, having some wine/robitussin mix(like lil wayne) and watching yacht rock videos on youtube. (look under yacht rock)

  4. Agree with Mr. Hall. This little break may be a blessing in itself. I suggest laying low until the sickness subsides, sipping some scoops and spinning on the bike. You'll be back before you know it!

  5. the cold is a blessing in disguise...don't ignore the body's signs....