Sunday, December 28, 2008

Buzzes Like A Fridge

AM: 13 Miles, 1:19:27, East Bay Bike Path.

Pat Moulton and I decided to keep it flat today so we ran out and back on the East Bay Bike Path. Apart from running to the start of the path and back most of the run is completely pancake and great for steady running. We were both cruising along but my legs were really heavy after yesterday. Its a long old drive from Cambridge to Providence and that length of time in the car (10 Hours) is going to leave the legs heavy. Coupled with the tropical temps today, 61 degrees, it was a bit of a shock on the body. Otherwise I felt amazing and really enjoyed my 13 miles. Pat added on a bit at the end which was fine. I was not tempted to go with him!


Monday: AM 10 Miles Steady 63:00, Treadmill
Tuesday: AM: 10 Miles Steady, 62:30, Treadmill
Wednesday: AM: 9 Miles Easy/Steady, 65:00, Ice Storm!
Thursday: OFF Rest Day, Legs very stiff after slipping so much yesterday.
Friday: AM: 9.5 Miles Steady, 65:00, Another bad day of Ice and Snow.
Saturday: AM: 10 Miles, 64:00, Good Running, University Of Waterloo.
Sunday: AM: 13 Miles, 1:19:27, East Bay Bike Path

Week Total: 61.5 Miles, 6 Runs. A great week of running, especially considering I felt so bad at the end of last week. Took a sensible day off to allow my legs to recover. Also did some good core work after the treadmill sessions. Love running.

I have to get my year end list up. No surprises lined up, just some great albums and more than anything it is the albums that are missing that might be more of a surprise. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week-end,

Love Kel

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  1. I like the vibe here. I know not Radiohead!
    The running looks great.