Thursday, December 11, 2008



The skinny on this day is that I didn't run. I really couldn't to be honest. It was a busy day of selling in and the ice storm we hit made driving slow and arduous. I got home tonight at 9pm and it is still lashing rain and very cold. Decided to bag it. Sometime work has to come first because at the end of the day I get a pay check and it means sacrifice. Vinny Mulvey posted on my last blog a reference to putting work first and he is very right......No Alarms and No Surprises Please!

I had my Tuesday blog post about my tempo run removed by the folks at blogger. I guess Portisheads record label did not like me putting a download of their track up on the web even though it is a cover by Thom Yorke and it is available for free on every Radiohead website including doesn't change the fact that "Third" is a great album.

I am off to bed, I am tired and today was a long ass drive in awful weather. I did have company in the form of Mr Ted FitzPatrick which was fantastic. The next three days the temptation will be to make up for loosing two days but it won't happen. They will be good quality training days but nothing crazy. Lots of music news etc to catch up on tomorrow.

And for those of you that want to know or care, the New Reebok product is being very well received so its all positive.

Love Kelrock

PS I find this video that Francine showed me tonight extremely funny.


  1. I thought about getting Radiohead tattoos but I'm going for Lonely Island tats instead. Rip it up tomorrow.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new line me man!