Monday, December 8, 2008

Water Only

PM: 7 Miles, 45:00, Downtown up to Blvd.

I fully intended on doing a morning run before I hit the road for Portland, ME. However, my Achilles tendon got sore last night in bed. If its not the Achilles then it is one of the longus muscles that runs along side the Achilles. Either way I had some pain and when I heard from Francine that it was zero degrees I decided bed ways is best ways. When I got back from Maine it felt much better and more loose. It was still Baltic outside but I decided to go for a run and I felt fantastic. I ran harder than I wanted to simply because it was so cold. Today was a nice recovery day and the run felt pretty effortless. The only thing that hurt was my cheekbones from the wind. The tendon is a little inflamed now but nothing serious.

On the run I was considering my Albums of 2008 list that I will have to compile over the next few weeks. I will do a top 10 list and post a track from each album, preferably a live version of one of the tracks. Right now I am listening to an album that will be in the top ten. Wolf Parade "At Mount Zoomer" is simply fantastic. I was very nervous about this album because I make no secret of how much I love "Apologies To Queen Mary". Its been a consistent car and iPod album ever since I was introduced to it by Brian Hanley down in Austin, TX. But after I listened to AMZ a few times it really grew on me. "An Animal In Your Care" is a mainstay on my shuffle, the piano break down gets me everytime, without fail. The first time I really felt a connection with this song was in September when I was testing my knee and considering this whole last gasp attempt at running. I love the iPod shuffle for the very reason that I can play songs loud and completely uninterrupted. I never gave this diamond of a track much love but now its one of my favorite Wolf Parade moments. Mount Zoomer is not an actual place, rather it is a reference to Magic Mushrooms grown in British Columbia. I read this in NME so it must hold some validity. It is also noted as being the nickname for one of the studios they record in. I like the mushroom story better.
Anyway, if you don't know much about Wolf Parade, check out their myspace and there you will find some brilliant tunes in the music box, in particular "I'll Believe In Anything", the track that got me completely into Wolf Parade.

So check out this track and if you like it buy Apologies To Queen Mary and then buy At Mount Zoomer. Its a demo of a track that appeared on ATQM in a more polished style. The link will be up for 7 days.

Download - Wolf Parade -- Modern World (Rough Demo)

Peace and Love,



  1. i agree, spot on, about remarks regarding this Wolf Parade entry:

    1. to the curious: first get Apologies, take a few weeks or months to listen, and then get Mt. Zoomer.
    2. for me as well, it was "I'll Believe in Anything" that really put me in love w/ the band. It was constantly playing in the car on way to Comm Ave for hard long runs on marathon course in early 06.. The March06 Paradise-Boston show was among best ever I have seen.
    3. I look foward to seeing where Zoomer comes in among your 2008 list. right now, for me, somewhere not far behind Dear Science/TV on the Radio.

    good to see the training coming along...

  2. If the achilles still feels tender get yourself a Strassburg night sock. Instant overnight healing if you get on it right away. I use it at the first sign of tenderness. Really helps. We have the at the Raven. Let me know. Good insurance.