Saturday, December 6, 2008

Melodic Techno

AM: 10.15 Miles, 65:42. Blvd, Fruit Loop, Pawtucket.

Morning run with Paddy Moulton. I was a little tired today so meeting Pat was just the ticket. We hit the road at about 8:45 and it was cold. But literally after 3 minutes it was just fantastic and the fatigue subsided while the energy exploded. I never get board of running the same loops. I am not necessarily a creature of habit but I rarely deviate from the fruit loop and blvd. The Blackstone boulevard is just a 1.75 mile trail that runs along some of the nicest and most expensive neighbourhoods in Providence. It is 3 minutes from my front door (I rent, and get a great deal) jogging so I tend to do a lot of running on this path because its somewhat soft. It is also part of many loops you can run from the Brown University track and the roads are wide and quite. Running around here is pretty flat so I will run down the Fruit loop to get some hills. The Fruit loop is what I've called this section for as long as I can remember. I guess Google maps tells me it is Gulf street. Anyway, I was told many moons ago that it got its name because it was, and still is I believe, a hang out for gay men to meet each other. So maybe Fruit loop is a little derogetory but I mean it as no insult to those that choose to meet down along the Blackstone River. It is afterall a lovely place and a great place to run before hitting the blvd.

I got a great email today from my man Jay Romasco. I was just coming out of The Aldan Invitational at Brown Indoor track and I got his email which was basically about how awesome running, coffee and music are. They are of course the subjects of this blog so Jay gets an honorary mention and invite to comment anytime. I was also talking to JC who happened to be out at NXN in Portland living the dream. The energy was just fantastic and all very positive.

Those vibes continued into the evening when I attended my first Christmas party of the year in Sean Donnellys house up in Sommerville. It was a great night and there were plenty of friends, drinks and kick ass techno. I threw together a bit of a 45 minute mix that i will post here later in the week.

All in all, another great and extremely positive day. And despite the forcast of snow I can't wait for the run tomorrow morning.

Love Kel

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