Saturday, December 13, 2008

AM: 8.25 Miles, 49:51, Fruit Loop Blvd
PM: 4.15 Miles, 27:01, Blvd

Yeah, I know I said last night that I was sick and that the monster was in the post blah blah blah. The truth is that I do feel like crap. I have lower energy levels than normal and I have a head that feels like its going to explode, and not just from the fact that Liverpool can't win at Anfield anymore.

So I decided to get out for a run after I had some coffee, really just as a shake out to try improve my overall vibe. I ended up doing my standard 8+ mile loop and even though I had the cold sweats I actually felt fast and pretty smooth. I bumped into Pat Tarpy and Kim Smith so I stopped for a couple of minutes for a chat before cruising in. I was thrilled to get something done today. This afternoon I had an urge to get back out and do my typical afternoon loop. So when 6 bells rolled around I had the gear on and before I knew it I was listening to Sigur Ros and bouncing down the Blvd. When I say lovely stuff, I mean it in the most sincere way.

Myself and Frankie visited with some friends and got stuck into a nice bottle of Belgium Ale. Its nice when someone asks do you want a beer and expecting a bud or green bottle euro beer you reluctantly accept only to receive some kick ass Belgian ale. Fitting also since tomorrow Brussels will host the lads at the Euro Cross Champs. My good luck goes out to the Irish teams who have a great shot at medals. And I had a moment of reflection sending good energy their way as I got the La Rulle Triple down the hatch.

I am one week away from my year end music review and I am having some real difficulty figuring it all out. Take the fact that I don't love the album that is topping most lists, TV On The Radio's "Dear Science". Likewise Fleet Foxes have a nice sound and are very appealing but will not make my list. Neither will Coldplay and Oasis certainly won't be near the list. Its got me thinking that I may see myself as a music connoisseur but I clearly have slightly different tastes than much of the music media out there. Not that I'm particularly bothered by this mind you.

Tomorrow the goal is more running and a good deal of it too. Today, irrespective of the mushroom cloud head, was terrific and very uplifting. I love running.



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