Sunday, December 7, 2008

Love And Caring

AM: 8.3 Miles, 52:13, Fruit Loop, Blvd PM: 4.2 Miles, 27:04, Blvd

We had our first snowfall today. In all fairness to call it snow is a little bit of an embarrassment to actual snow coz it was really just a dusting and certainly nothing that required treadmill temptation or Skinny Ravenesque Ice Bugs. I was out at a Christmas party last night and I had a headache this morning. Not a hangover, just a headache. I hit up Starbucks for a clover and despite helping it didn't really get rid of it. But 8.3 miles of steady running listening to Crystal Castles did help and I felt amazing after about 800 meters. When I tell you that this morning was wonderful, I mean it was wonderful in a way that I didn't want it to end. I am so strict about staying on schedule that I felt guilty about the .3 on the end........Ray, I nearly threw caution to the wind but I showed great restraint and pulled up!

In the PM I did the old up and down of the Blvd and even though there was a freezing cold wind and it was kind of icy nothing was extinguishing the warmth I had in me. Listening to one of the best albums ever written (and I'll debate this with anyone) Radiohead's "OK Computer" the run went past with Usain Bolt speed. I actually was a little "Let Down" that the run had to end but like I said, I am sticking to the plan.


Monday: OFF - Let the quad pain settle down
: AM: 6 Miles Easy, Blvd

Wednesday: AM: 7 Miles, Easy/Steady
: PM: 8 Miles, 52:00, North Providence

Friday: AM: 4.2, No time, Blvd; PM: 7.5 Miles, 49:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd
Saturday: AM: 10.15 Miles, 65:42, Fruit Loop, Pawtucket, Blvd.
: AM: 8.3 Miles, 52:13, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Steady Running; PM: 4.2, 27:04, Easy Blvd.

Week End, 55.3 Miles, 8 Runs. Really pleased with the week. The last 3 days were some of the best runs of the year. Really, really positive.

I am updating my DJ equipment. I am pretty much in the dark ages of CDj's although the Technics 1200's will NEVER go out of fashion. I am proud to have began my DJing life on the wheels of steal and I feel bad for kids now that only know the digital world. With that being said Digital is the standard now and I am using my own CDJ 500's and Some CDJ 200's that Marc Davis gave me. Reality is that I need to upgrade to some of Pioneers better product and that is what I plan to do as soon as the Christmas spend is done. Me man Sean D uses very nice, reliable, and significantly updated CDJ 200's. They play mp3 data discs and have text read out. The 400's can plug straight into the iTunes folder on a lap top but they are significantly more expensive and for the little bit of home mixing I'm doing they hold no extra value. The industry standard is the CDJ 1000 which has scratch platter, hot cues and lots of other gimmicks that would be awesome to have but not at $1200 each. So basically, I need to sell more shoes in order to get my equipment up to scratch.

Running is great right now, and even though it is going to be zero degrees tomorrow I am really looking forward to my 6 mile recovery day before my first 5 mile tempo on Tuesday.

Peace and Love,


PS, Pete Watson of Auburn XC fame had his dogs run 6 miles in 29:05 today. Admirable considering it was their first race of the season, its only December, and they stopped at one point to check out road kill. Congrats Pete!



  2. will you DJ my house party?
    29:05 for a 6 mile run is smokin.