Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Can Wipe You Out Anytime.

AM: 10 Miles, 64 Minutes, Waterloo University, Waterloo, ON

We met up with some friends in Waterloo before returning to P-Town. I started out with Francine and her buddies for an easy 10 minutes before picking it up and running pretty hard for 8.5 miles. It was unseasonably warm and compared to the recent freeze it felt tropical. Lovely run, lovely day and a great end to the Christmas visit north.

We got back after a smooth 10 hour drive and seeing the small but very welcoming Providence skyline left me feeling warm. We immediately hit up Nice Slice on Thayer for some pizza before unpacking. Providence is pretty much home these days since I get the same feeling every time I return after a break away. It is simply a great small city and I love living here.

So tomorrow is back to normal and I am meeting Pat Moulton in the AM for my long run, his regular run. With the return to normalcy comes better blog posts and the usual banter surropunding music and life. Right now I want a cup of tea and some of the wonderful British chocolate I got from Francine's folks.

Love Kel

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  1. Not like the lovely ATL.
    I'd like a tour of the hipster side of P-town.