Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Way Out

I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't. Francine and I were in the car for another 7 hours trying to navigate our way to Port Elgin on snow covered roads. The old Matrix has been reliable but this was a test of her 14" front wheel drive. All good though, we made it late last night, got some grub and went to bed. Another day off running yesterday. I want to thank my friends for their comments, it makes it easier to miss consecutive days when the approval comments come flooding in! 

I am going to the gym today despite still feeling rough. Fortunately I got in 11 hours of sleep last night. A luxury that I experience only when I am sick. I am going to take some snaps of the blizzard outside. There is no running this afternoon because it would be pointless and completely lacking any benefits. I can't see the end of the back garden due to the white out conditions. Hopefully the gym is open (if I owned it I would be sitting at home with a cool scoop and some football)

So thats the buzz so far. I will update later,

Love Kel

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  1. Reading "Atomic Ranch" magazine and listening to di/ "chillout" tonight.