Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Longer Afraid Of The Dark

PM: 10 Miles, 64:05, Treadmill, Port Elgin Canada

Managed to make it to the gym despite the blizzard. We were the only car on the road so it was all good. Francine did yoga but was the only person to show up so she had a fantastic personal session. I jumped on an old school precore treadmill and banged out 10 miles and cleared the pipes. I ran progression so I started at 7 min pace and finished at 6 min pace. I felt crappy but by running harder I felt I was actually doing more good because I was really hacking up some stuff.


Monday: AM 8 Miles Steady PM 4.2 Miles Steady
Tuesday: AM: Tempo Session; 2 X 3 miles, 15:16, 15:10, 1 Min Rec Tot: 12 Miles
Wednesday: PM: 8 Miles Easy
Thursday: OFF Sick 45 Minutes Spin Bike
Friday: OFF Sick
Saturday: OFF Sick
Sunday: PM: 10 Miles Steady

Week Total: 42.2 Miles, 5 Runs. It is almost not worth totalling up these weeks because they amount to so little but I feel like I am getting really fit and if I can get through these early weeks of running I will be able to hit it hard come Feb/March. Positive.

So the remainder of this evening will bring about tea drinking and movie watching. I may throw in some chocolate to the mix as a reward for getting in 10 miles today. I might be stuck at the 50 mpw average over the last month but strangely it works. I CANNOT run 100 miles in a week, I break down because of my back being curved and my hips being completely messed up. I have a leg length issue and osteoporosis on top of all that. However, I am learning at this late stage to deal with this. The blog helps so again I thank you for your comments and emails.

Coming this week, depending on the weather is running everyday, new music information, and the year end albums and songs list according to Kelrock.

Peace and Love,



  1. I cannot run 100 miles a week for many of the same reasons, minus the osteoperosis, you old man. Kidding aside, I am also learning to deal with this harsh reality after a few years of injury and much frustration. You're an inspiration bro. Keep rolling along and let's keep each other in check in 2009.

  2. Ditto Mario. Your journey has inspired me on several levels. It's obvious you have talent. Find the right mix of running and x training and rest and build off of it. If you only have so many miles you can do pick the best way to use them.

  3. Kelrock 3 things

    1.we should go Michael Phelps in the pool sometime (I barely feel like I'm going to drown anymore.)

    2. bring back wykesy from canada

    3. i'm on the bandwagon

    Happy Holidays

  4. Keith,

    It's good to see you back at it. Are you training for anything in particular?

    You probably won't remember, but we met a couple of years ago at the Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon. Our team almost crapped our pants when we saw that you were doing the running leg. Luckily we were able to catch your kayaker!

    Good luck and stay healthy,

    Kevin Tilton (