Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Gathering

AM: 65 Minutes, steady running in an Ice Storm, tot. 9 Miles???

The effort was certainly harder than the total distance suggests. It was my first day running outside since last week and it did not disappoint. No snow but lots of icy rain that cleared the roads but still made running tough. I am delighted with the last 4 days and seemed to get in more consistency than I thought I would.

As far as my head cold goes, I've been getting better but tonight after a good lash of PBR we got into Francine's folks Hot Tub and for no reason other than good energy and better times we started doing flips out of the hot tub into the massive amounts of snow. Fantastic fun despite the ridiculous temperature changes. This is what the holidays are all about.

I have an easy day of running tomorrow so maybe I'll throw in some core work around eating lots of good vegetarian food. 

Peace and Love



  1. Back atcha me man. Happiest of Holidays to ya!

  2. For now your blog/log is fine, but I think if you start doing more complex workouts I'd like to see the details more than generalizations. Merry Christmas. Here's hoping Santa leaves us fresh/fast legs for the coming year.