Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reel Around The Fountain

PM: 6 Miles, 42:00, Easy Running Blvd.

After 48+ hours off my leg felt improved enough to go for an easy jaunt. It was not pain free but certainly improved and by the end it actually felt better. I nearly added on with a few laps of the Brown University sports fields but opted to do some extra stretching. It is fantastic to get the shoes back on. Its truly amazing how good an easy run makes you feel, especially when listening to good tunes. Tonight I listened to "Crystal Castles" by Crystal Castles.

Tonight I did my Yoga practice with Francine and the crew down at 'Eyes of the World' studios. It was one of my better practices and I felt really strong throughout the class. So I will chalk this down as a joyful day and I am ready for an updated training schedule from Ray.

I read today that The Prodigy are releasing a new album in March. Their first single and accompanying video can be viewed here. It sounds very Prodigy which I guess it should. I used to be a Prodigy fanatic and unlike some people who say "I was into them way back in the day", I actually was into them way back in the day! I along with some friends of mine saw the Prodigy play live when the "Experience" was just released. We're talking 1992ish here. We met the lads and had a good chat, got some pics and talked about rave. Funny thing is they were only about 19 or 20 and we were 14 and 15. But the buzz was unreal. For me they hit their peak in about 1996 before they became more Electro Punk and I just kind of lost interest but always kept the respect.

Moz has released the potential cover art for his new forthcoming album "Years Of Refusal". I say potential because I've seen some other covers but this looks like the final product. I never know what he is thinking so I don't yet know the relevance of the baby. Interestingly he was holding a violin on the cover of the last album and on "You Are The Quarry" he is holding a gun! January will also see a re-release of "Southpaw Grammer". So basically lots of Moz in the early part of 2009.

And seeing as we are on a Smiths buzz I just read today that the "Other" two members of the Smiths, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, will be DJing in New York City at one of my favorite bars alternating Tuesday nights. The Beauty Bar is awesome. Francine and I went there about 3 years ago with her bro Marc and his wife Dominica. We drank pints of Pabst and just watched the hipsters file in while a female fashionista played nu wave and punk records on the decks. The bar used to be a beauty salon and the head ovens are still mounted on the wall along with tables that are set up for manicures that happen several nights a week. I may have to get down to one of these nights although seeing as Moz is one of my hero's it would be hard to justify supporting either of these guys given that both Moz and Jonny Marr hate them! Naturally I could really care less and laziness will be the real reason I don't go.
So thats the story from today. Loving being back into training after a brief absence and buzzing for tomorrow,

Love Kel

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