Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm White Noise

PM: 7 Miles, 49 Mins, Rhode Runner Training Group.

Yes, I met the lads down at Rhode Runner and warmed up with them before actually joining them in their session of 6x3 minutes. With absolutely no disrespect to the guys I can do their work out pace while keeping it as a hard training pace for myself. I just keep running the recoveries, double back and meet them to go again. The pace on the efforts was about 5:50ish.

I felt wonderful tonight and despite my knee not quite being 100% it was not exactly what you would call sore. Uncomfortable is not the right word, but its the first word that comes to mind. I am eager to get going again on the training so tomorrow's run can't come soon enough.

Nothing beats post run recovery than a trip to AS220 and Taqueria Pacifica for a sweet potato burritto and a Gansett. While we were enjoying the grub a great track came on. The Knife "Heartbeats" is just a magical tune. It may have garnered more popularity when Jose Gonzales covered it but the original is just an awesome tune and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE Please listen to it and support The Knife with some purchases if you like it. It came out back in 2003 or 2004 but I have not heard it in a while so it was a nice addition to an already lovely night.

I've been spending a lot of time with Zeitgeist and the whole Zeitgeist Movement lately and its really having a profound impact on me despite the fact that I feel powerless to contribute or energized enough to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I was directed towards the movie by my friend TJ. Basically the Zeitgeist movement speaks of a world that is not driven by Scarcity for it is this that makes humans act in such self preserving ways even if it means stealing and committing crimes. Zeitgeist questions 'The System" of society we live in and attacks the new world order of the power elite and the system that is in place to perpetuate our social stratification. It is very radical and extremely leftist, it attacks religion, the monetary system and the Government. The message actually touches me and I tend to agree with a lot of it. I have been doing more research into Peter Joseph the founder of this movement and the creator of the film and I tend to buy into a lot of his belief system and I am tying to do more of my own research into some of his conspiracy theorizing. I try not to get too involved in conspiracy theory so this is quite new to me. Anyway, if you have any interest in this you can check it out here. The movie has been watched by over 5 million people so it has obviously tweaked the interest of many. When you can't sleep these are the things you read and watch. I am Jacks raging bile duct..........

Peace and Love,



  1. I want you to focus on attacking the running power elite and get fitter so you can take it down. Then you can spread the message. Nobody will listen to a has been/never was like me so its on your shoulders, bro.I believe the system kept me from reaching my potential, but its not too late for you. In fact, I believe there was a conspiracy that caused you to hurt your knee and kept you out of World XC. Fight the Power!

  2. Zeitgeist, The Knife, Kel your the oracle. I'm upset to find out that Gonzalez covered this track, But glad to hear that the original sits well, on a perch of self respect in a simple but proud way. I'll get back to you about Zeitgeist... 5M + 1.... Regus

  3. Just to clarify, the Zeitgeist Movement isn't really leftist per se. Also, it doesn’t attack religion. In a society proposed by The Venus Project religion would be helped because the church would not have to nickel and dime everyone for support. That said, in a society like TVP religion would probably cease to exist because it would be irrelevant.
    Anyway, there is a lot to say about TZM and TVP but I hope you all check it out further. Thanks!