Tuesday, December 30, 2008


AM: Workout 3 Miles, 2 Miles, 1 Mile; 15:30, 10:18, 5:07; 75 Sec Rec
PM: Yoga

The plan was to do 2 x 3 miles but it was so hot in the gym that i needed to take an extra break so I could keep my HR from exploding. I went on the T-Mill because it supposed to snow and the wind was howling. PC has a couple of Woodway treadmills that are amazing and basically the best ones out there so Wykes and I jumped on them and did our sessions. I am very pleased with the session but my HR was above threshold due to the heat. I was roasting big time. The pace felt fast than outside but I don't worry about T-Mills in terms of accuracy, rather just effort. Great day, great session.

In the PM I had my weekly trip to Eyes Of The World yoga and had a good 2 hour class. I had a nice practice but my tight hips continue to be a problem and disrupt the quality of the class. Tonight we focused on opening up the chest for the heart and it was beautiful. Overall it was a great training day but the treadmill session reaffirms the fact that I have a long way to go. Happy, and many painful days ahead!

Love Kel

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  1. sit in the L7 stretch. 15min a day and this has done wonders for my hips. usually do it will watching tv or eating. leaning from side to side and back and forth should come when you can do it with minimal pain