Friday, December 12, 2008

Here I'm Allowed Everything All Of The Time

PM: 9 Miles, 56:10, Steady Running, Fruit Loop, Blvd

After a miserable 2 days it was awesome to get out and do a proper training run. I wish I could say that I felt amazing but I didn't, I felt awful. I actually cut the run short since I had planned on doing a minimum of 10 miles. Everyone around me has been sick recently and for some reason I have been avoiding it. In fact, I have been feeling more energized and alive this fall than I have for a long time. But tonight I feel it. I guess the last two days in the car coupled with some awful weather has finally taken its toll on me. I felt cold, clammy and stuffy on the run tonight. My legs have no juice and my quad, IT pain reared its head again. Got the day in but I am not sure how I am going to feel tomorrow. This week has the potential to be a complete wash, but I am not injured and I expect to get sick at least once during this winter and if its now then so be it.

Since I was feeling so rough I decided to listen to Mr Morrissey on my run tonight so he could answer some of the questions that have been running through my head. Especially my constant concern about this pain in my femur bone. Its always good to get 40 or 50 minutes with Moz and tonight was that night. I ended up getting some Radiohead on the end and it was one of my favorite songs of all time no less, "Idioteque". Radiohead are the best live band on the planet. Now this is my opinion but it is shared by many who know their music including most musicians themselves. This track, from the ridiculously good Kid A, is one of the highlights of any Radiohead live show so when I came in tonight I watched a live version in order to lift my spirits.
You want to see Passion? Look no further than Thom Yorke during this and every live performance. He is a constant inspiration. Check this version from Glastonbury in 2003, and see if you can notice his frustration towards Jonny who is playing the loop too slow!

I could easily go to a Radiohead concert every week, it is just so uplifting. So for the rest of the night its about focusing on kicking this illness before it turns into something nasty............

I Am Awake At 4AM To The Terrifying Undeniable Truth That There Is Nothing I can Do To Stop The Monster

Love Kel

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  1. Looks like we shared a bit of the doldrums today. Get well. Watch the leg. From this distance I can hear the refrain of previous posts of you being concerned about it.