Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Fez

PM: 8 Miles Easy, Rhode Runner Group, East Side

I will be taking the advice of John Clark and Ryan Hall and backing down over the next few days. I ran in some discomfort tonight and it is taking a lot not to turn negative with this blog post. My knee hurt and my quad pain was 6/10 on the scale. I was happy to finish my loop and use the foam roller for 30 minutes.

Having the company of Rhode Runner team member Clay Howland helped and my general mood wasn't too bad despite the uncomfortable strides I was taking. Tomorrow is a day off and maybe Friday too. I will get massage when I arrive in Canada this weekend. I am ahead of the curve and I seem to get a little fitter if I just think about running so a couple of days on the spinner will be just the ticket.

Dinner tonight was consumed in the Red Fez, a hipster joint in P-Town that caters for thrifty vegetarians and beer drinkers alike. We joined PC strength coach Ken White and enjoyed local brews, Mac and Cheese, and great conversation. It puts having some leg pain in perspective. Yesterday I had a great workout, today I am having a beer with my girlfriend and a mate in a cool ass joint in the center of Providence. I also drank a ton of coffee today, hung out at Rhode Runner chatting to the life guru Jay Romasco, did some exercises with Mark Carroll and got lots of work done. Who am I to complain? I even found the time while having my second cup of coffee in the exchange to peruse the music blogosphere and loose time to melody and percussion. 

Its so easy to listen to "The Nun's Litany" by Magnetic Fields over and over again. Such a fantastic piece of poetry......... "I want to be a brothal worker, I've always been treated as one. If I could I'd be a back street lurker, I make more money and have more fun".....

Peace and Love,



  1. Glad to see you listened. I'm not going to be there for you all the time so you'll have to grow up a bit before we release you into the wild. It's mid-Dec. be wise and spend a bit of time working on the other stuff like strength, core, flex. Put a little more mortar around those bricks so you'll be strong enough that it won't happen again when it really will suck to take off time this spring or summer. Ireland is counting on you!

  2. What does it take to be classified as a hipster?
    Do I have what it takes?

  3. what beers did you drink? i want to know what is classified as "thrifty". 'Gansetts?