Wednesday, April 1, 2009

People Are People

AM: 62 Minutes Trainer Ride. 

Rode steady all the way. I was slammed at worked over the last two days. Crazy ass meetings all day. Basically I have only a small window to train so rather then get out for long rides I am making do with shorter hard rides. Tomorrow is intervals and then I think I may have three days outside......awesome.

With the current state of my schedule I have been out of touch with my usual music and life blogs. As a result I have little to report from that front so its all about sports right now. Ireland look like they have destiny in their hands regarding world cup qualifying. Lovely stuff. I am joining USA Cycling tonight and I am going to start racing this spring. I will be in Cat. 5 with a group that will have better bike handling skills than I but significantly less fitness. It is interesting being a decent runner and participating in a sport that I am shite at. However with the advice of my team Dan Davenport, an my advisors Johnny Mac and Lee Cox I should get through the teething process. Once I am healed though, the bike gets out away and Euro XC is back to the forefront of all thoughts and feelings.

Love it,


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