Friday, April 24, 2009

All Sparks Will Burn Out

PM: 42 Miles, 2:07, Bike Path and Blvd

I traveled back from Atlanta today and despite it being warm here in P-Town it felt truly refreshing compared to the humid, hot, sticky weather down south. I jumped on the bike when I got back and I rode the first 32 miles hard, before meeting up with Frankie for an easy 10 mile add on. I felt great and it was really nice to get out for a nice ride. Knee got a little sore when I upped the tempo and found myself out of the saddle on climbs. On the bike path I was comfortable riding High Cadence and spinning along at 22+ mph in a spin gear. I have been reading a lot of the stuff Cody Hill sent me and there was a lot of conditioning with interval work and high cadence work. Cody rode for the US National U23 squad with guys like Levi and Vaughters. Family commitments made him hang up the bike but he still has a lot of wisdom to offer. The training program is pretty hardcore and I certainly won't be able to do it all but it gives me ideas on how to structure my bike work until I can finally get back running.

Just watched "Hunger", a powerful portrait of the final months of Bobby Sands life. He was an IRA Hunger Striker in the Maze Prison who embarked on his second hunger strike going 66 days without food before his death. It is a very moving piece.

Off to bed, but check out this awesome version of "Daniel" by Bat For Lashes. Only 4 days till we witness it at the Paradise Rock Club in Beantown.

Peace and Love,

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