Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Four Four

PM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride, 5 x 1 min on/off, 10 min tempo, 6 x 1 min on/off

Got home after a long day of work and was completely wiped. I had some issues with my back tooth. It was impacted by the wisdom tooth I had removed and now it is falling apart. I had a crazy tooth ache that was extremely painful and I am ready to get it removed on Monday. We stayed in Boston last night so Frankie could recover and it was good move. I hit the office and got the things I need to get done before I head to South Carolina tomorrow. I arrived home and although shattered I jumped on the bike and watched sky sports news to see the interviews with the managers after the Liverpool Arsenal 4-4 draw and the game that may loose Liverpool the league.

It was great to see everyone hobbling around Boston this morning. I love the aftermath of a Marathon, looking at everyone struggling to walk down stairs etc. My boss Kev Adams was suffering a little today but he was not as bad as one would expect considering he only did 10 weeks of running. The Boston Marathon is great.

In a recent comment some one mentioned that I should not be surprised that Tyler Hamilton tested positive again. Please don't take what I was saying literally. I was more surprised that he got himself in a position to be caught again because it makes him look like an idiot. I never for one second assumed he was clean. It is just sad that guys like Hamilton just can't say no. The drugs must be amazing.

Also, I've had many people suggest the new Silversun Pickups album to me. I did listen thoroughly to their first album "Carnavas", and I enjoyed some of it so I will get this new album. I listened to the tracks on their myspace and I will make the purchase tomorrow. Good stuff that you can check in the youtube box below. Bit of a MEW vibe to this new album?

Love Kel


  1. You'll appreciate this:



  2. Good going on the bike there, hope the knee is sorted soon and we'll see you blast the euro XC in santry.
    Did some 400's years back with you in ALSA and you killed me....