Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clinging Onto Bottles

AM: 54 Miles, 2:42, Providence to Narragansett w/ Add On

Myself and coxy set out on a ride down to meet the ladies in Narragansett. They were doing a Boston prep run with a large group so the plan was to ride down, add on if we have to, and hit up Crazy Burger, a place that serves fantastic veggie burgers. We had a generous tail wind that occasionally hit us from the side but compared to yesterday it was amazing. It was 32 miles to get down there and we added on. Lee stopped at 40 miles so I added on the Blessing Of The Fleet 10 mile course and made it a little longer. I pushed the last 14 miles by myself. I felt amazing today and regret not getting over 60 miles. This would have been a nice milestone but it will have to wait until next Saturday.

Week Ended Up As Follows

MondayAM: 61 Minute trainer ride.
TuesdayAM: Trainer, 20 min WU, 15 Sec on/off 6 Minutes, 20 Minutes CD
Wednesday: AM: 62 Minutes Trainer Ride.
Thursday: PM: Trainer Workout. 20 Min wu, 2 sets 5 x 1 min on/off, 3 min of 15 sec on/off, 20 Min CD
FridayPM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride.
SaturdayAM: 44 Mile Ride, 2:17, Very Hilly, Very Windy, Scituate Res
SundayAM: 54 Miles, 2:42, Providence to Narragansett w/ Add On

Week Total: 10 + Hours riding. Good solid first week of bike training. My goal is to get in 15 hours a week but it will be tough with work so its all about taking advantage of the time I have.

Today was the Bupa 10k in Dublin. Another bittersweet day for me personally. I was supposed to run this race and it would have suited me down to the ground with the rolling hills of the Phoenix  Park right up my street. Fagan ran great to finish 3rd just getting out kicked and Vinny had a great run in 5th. Mary Cullen kept her wonderful season on track with a solid runner up effort. Great to see a 10,000 person race like this continue to grow. There may be another running boom on the way to Ireland!

Peace and Love,


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