Saturday, April 4, 2009

When The Battle Was Won

AM: 44 Mile Ride, 2:17, Very Hilly, Very Windy, Scituate Res

The wind was howling this morning and that makes for painful solo bike riding conditions. It didn't help that I chose one of the hillier loops to ride but I figured that doesn't flog me will make me stronger. The ride did flog me however, but also made me stronger. I have a lot of respect for cyclists. It is quite hard for me to fathom how 44 miles is not even a warm up for a stage in a tour, not to mention a classic like tomorrows Tour Of Flanders. It goes both ways of course. Just look at Lance in the marathon. At the end of the day its a different game that requires a lot of muscle power, something I have little of, but need a lot of. Back in the saddle for a similar ride tomorrow.

Never underestimate the power of the iPod. At times I don't know how I crashed today because I was so caught up in the songs I was listening to, especially the new Bat For Lashes album. It is sublime, very beautiful, and very touching. I was carried up the hills by Natasha Kahns vocals and I cannot wait to see her perform in Boston at the end of the month. Go out and buy the album, its beyond worth it. If Kate Bush was kicking her career off right now I imagine this is what she would sound like. 

I know I posted it before but the album is out on Monday so I am limited! Here is "Daniel", my favorite song on the album.

Peace and Love 


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