Thursday, April 2, 2009

Call Me Morbid, Call Me Pale

PM: Trainer Workout. 20 Min wu, 2 sets 5 x 1 min on/off, 3 min of 15 sec on/off, 20 Min CD

Lovely afternoon for a ride outside but alas I was late getting home from work and my window of opportunity was lost so I pulled out the trainer and set up the bike. This was a little variation on what Johnny had me down for. A leopard never changes its spots, and I will always add on a little if I feel good. Today I felt good. Rode hard and has some good visualization of what it is I need to do over these next few months. 

Got some new music tips that I need to follow up on. I'll be doing that this weekend. What I did listen to today was "There Is  A Light That Never Goes Out". It is no secret or revelation that this is perhaps my favorite song of all time. A couple of Radiohead numbers could fight for the top spot but without doubt it is in my top 3.  Although the song is over 20 years old I really only found it in 1998 when Ben Noad introduced me to it. Anyway, the point is I listened to it today during my workout. I always include it on my playlist because it means much more to me then just a song. I live everyday believing that there is indeed a Light That Never Goes Out. My friend Vinny told me that there was a good recording of Noel Gallagher covering the song. I heard it before but never a good recording so I decided to listen again. I also listened to Ben Gibbards cover. Here is my stance. Some songs will never sound as good as the original and this is one of those obvious ones. The reason being because there is only one Morrissey and Marr and Rourke and Joyce. No one will ever sing this song like Moz. But these two versions are very listenable. Ben Gibbard tends to bore me a little but he gives a valiant effort here despite getting the words a little assways, and Noel really pisses me off but his version is class. He loves Moz and the respect he has for this piece of magic is admirable. 

Have a listen! 

And of Course the original and the very best below.

Peace and Much Love

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