Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Anger Shows

AM: 75 Minutes, Blvd with JAY
PM: 60 Minutes, Trainer Ride

Finally got my ass out for a weekday ride. I met up with Jay Rom early in the AM for an easy 75 min jaunt around the Blvd and adjoining streets. We had good conversations about biking and how it relates to running and running fitness. Jay has many years of reading about these sports under his belt and is a great resource for me to use. Not to mention that he wrote for music rags including Rolling Stone and worked in old skool record stores. Maybe my dream job. For some PM action I jumped on the trainer and belted out a hard hour ride. I needed to get the frustration of todays game out. Liverpool drew with Chelsea in an epic 4-4 battle at Stamford Bridge. We needed to win by 2 goals and we were 2-0 up but Chelsea brought it back to 3-2 before we made it 4-3. In the last minute Frank Lampard equalized putting paid to any chance we have of qualifying. Ah well, there is always the league, we are not out of that yet.

Since I posted some Asobi Seksu yesterday I have found myself revisiting "Citrus", a great album I picked up last year. It is their second album coming on the heels of a self-titled debut which is very nice indeed. They have a new album out "Hush" but it is not as good in my opinion despite having some epic moments. Asobi are your classic shoegazing, post nu wave band. I like the term shoegazing but it drips of teen angst and that side of it I don't like. I find their music to nbe incredibly uplifting and inspiring. Yuki's vocals are very blissfull and layered over the dream pop, guitar and synth driven music it makes for excellent melody that evokes lots of the same nostalgia heard on M83's most recent outing. With Asobi Seksu you got songs in Japanese and English, and either way every tune has such a positive, catchy vibe. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic wishing I was back in the 80's with more cop-on but regardless of my notions this is a band I rate very highly and suggest you get some of it sharpish.

Meanwhile I am listening to Editors right now. Maybe the most underrated British band. I need to discuss this further and in more detail. My mood can be held in sharp contrast with the vibe of yesterday. Two solid training sessions today and despite the reds hiccup in the champions league I am going to bed feeling good and ready for more work tomorrow. One day fitter, happier, and more productive. One day closer to running again.

Love Kel

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