Monday, April 13, 2009

In Treatment

PM: 80 Minutes Trainer Ride

Lovely day and there I am on the trainer. Its the constant battle to deal with time versus effort. Getting home from work at 6 bells leaves a window of opportunity to ride before it gets dark at about 7:15. It also gets cold so the tendency is to stay close to home. Anyway, by the time I get in and get set it is 6:15. So is it better to get out for 90 minutes or stay inside and ride a steady 80 minutes? I don't have the answer but as per our conversation last week it seems that the trainer offers a better use of time because of the zero free wheeling and zero downhills. It is constant riding and I tend to push it hard because I just like that.

Tomorrow I will be getting outside in the AM with the AAA Jay Romasco. I am going to try and get in double days if it is possible. Mainly to stick as close to running scheduling as possible. Knee is not really improving but it does not hurt on the bike. Thats the issue that gets to me more than anything. I feel like I am fit but I have no confidence in this knee pain going away. I think that the problem will last longer than the small fractures in the bone. It is the underlying knee structure weakness that I am concerned about. The reduction in cartilage and miniscus. However, no matter what happens to the knee I do think I will be able to run eventually but right now I have to push back my start date. As long as the bike riding has no negative affects on my body I'll keep lashing away and even racing. I have grown to love the old two wheeler but I want a run at these Euro Champs and a Marathon eventually but the bike will always be part of the game moving forward. Little bit negative today but some days thats just the way it goes. At least there is always Asobi Seksu.

Love Kel

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