Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston And Dreaming

Just finished three days of Expo and about to hit the scratch early so Frankie can be rested and ready for her marathon tomorrow. I will not move on in life until I have raced both the NYC and Boston Marathons. Thats a promise I am making to myself. Knee wreckage or no knee wreckage. Speaking of which, the three days of expo have not helped things but a job is a job and I enjoy doing it. Can't believe Tyler Hamilton was busted for drugs. What a sad end to a sad situation.

Love Kel

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  1. Kel,

    Hope you're not too exhasuted from the expo. I can't imagine the 3 consecutive days on that ridiculously hard surface at Hynes is good for your knee. Hope it's feeling somewhat better. Sorry I missed you guys at the expo, but I'm not lovin' the running buzz right now. Anyways, I was also disappointed to read about the Hamilton situation. Just bizarre and a sad way to end an athletic career indeed. Hope to catch you and Francine soon.