Thursday, April 9, 2009

Theres No Other Love

Tuesday: PM Bike, 30 Min WU, 8x3min Hard, 30 Min CD (90 min total)

Wednesday: PM: 75 Minutes Steady Trainer Ride

The Internet at my house officially does not work. I brought home my work computer (IBM Thinkpad) and I think it infected my MAC only zone. Since then my router while being recognised does not provide the Internet. I can hardwire to the modum but in the waves of wireless something happens. Basically I need a new router so I will buy one at Best Buy asap. This has really disrupted my nightly blogging routine.

On Tuesday I did a hard trainer workout and I sweat enough fluids to fill a small inflatable pool. I rode 8 x 3 minute efforts in a big gear pushing my HR up to 180+ and on the 2 minute recovery it would drop quickly. I think this is a sign of fitness but I'm not sure. I followed it up last night with a steady trainer ride, progressing through 75 minutes of effort. I had a lack of motivation after the Liverpool game but once in the action of riding I forgot about the awful display and got lost in thoughts and music.

I am slowing starting to enjoy the riding and I foresee a diversion into more of this world in a few years when I know my running will be done. I have recently harboured aspirations to do an Ironman and maybe in a couple of years I will train for one. Ultimately I would rather just run but with the state of my body I can't imagine I will ever be able to train for a marathon to run at the level I am capable of.

The biking has served as a useful XT tool. I don't enjoy swimming or water running. It requires a swimming pool which is not exactly at my finger tips. The bike requires more time for the same fitness gains and as Cody Hill told me the otherday, biking training is exactly that, its biking. It should not be compared to running. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what a 2 hour ride is worth in running terms, 5 miles, 10 miles? But as Cody said, its worth 2 hours of biking. It will keep the heart and lungs strong and it will keep the weight off and motivation high but when I start back running I will have to put in the same base as always and teach my body to run again. So will all the biking help? YES. Is it a substitute for running? NO. So with that being said I need to figure out a way to keep it in the repertoire when I do start running. It can supplement running but to be a good runner you need to run and therefore I need to run, and run a lot. But right now, its about the bike and everything that surrounds it.

Love KEL


  1. KK

    I hear you on the bike ... as I am dealing with it as a necessary evil as well as of late. I have heard that it takes 5x the distance, or 2.5 the time to map to an equivalent run (although I agree with your last paragraph). So - in other words a 10 mile run would have to be 50 miles on a bike ... or 2.5 hours (if you did the 10 in an hour). Seems a bit fat to me though.

  2. Keith,
    thanks for the bike thoughts. Similar to what others have said, but you certainly hear people mention how much it helps them.

    Keep spinning!

  3. kelrock,

    sounds like u r getting quite a dose off the bike workouts. as your friend mentioned, it is really sport specific. if u want to run well, u gotta run as the body gets attuned to this. thats why when i gave u the workouts, i was telling u to saddle the efforts up to your h.r. for running. the cardio is the same, its just there is no physical movement as running andyour body starts to lose the "running impact". as for converting bike miles to run, i have always read that its about 3 to 1....3 miles on the bike to one mile of running. read that in a sports exercise article....but rreally its the physical effort u r worried about..i.e. heartrate and time.