Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Battle Becomes Blinding

PM: 2:15 On Trainer.

The weather wasn't actually that bad but there was a cold wind and the air temps were hovering int he mid 30's. After being so cold yesterday and feeling like I am on the brink of actually catching a chill I decided, after much procrastination, to workout inside. My goal was to do between 2 and 3 hours with a workout in the middle. I did an hour of steady spinning before a 5 min rep, 2 min rec, 10 minute rep, 2 min rec, 5 minute rep, 2 min rec followed by 10 x 1 minute on/off. The rest was cool down. I actually would have gone to 2.5 hours but my left ass was killing me and my hammy and calves were cramping up. The excessive sweat and little fluids contributed significantly to this feeling. Over all it was a great work out because I was not hanging around for the first 2 hours. Only the last 15 minutes was true spinning and recovery. Perfect precursor to watching the Hell Of The North.
With Saturday being a bit of a wash and today only getting in 2:15 I ended up with a poor week of training and a ways below my goal of 12 hours in the saddle.

Monday: AM: 75 Minutes trainer, steady.
Tuesday: PM Bike, 30 Min WU, 8x3min Hard, 30 Min CD (90 min total)
Wednesday: PM: 75 Minutes Steady Trainer Ride
Thursday: PM: Trainer Workout 10 X 1 Min Hard/Easy, 55 min Total
Friday: AM: 45 Minutes Easy Spin
Saturday: AM: 25 Miles, Road, Chester Ct.
Sunday: PM: 2:15 On Trainer, 5 min, 10 min, 5 min, 10 x 1 min on/off

Week Total: 9:15, core work.

Disappointing week of training but given the real excuses I don't feel too mad about it and I need to move on. Focus must be a priority with the upcoming week of work I have. I am bringing my bike to Boston for the duration of the marathon and expo so I don't want excuses!

Peace and Love


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