Monday, April 27, 2009

Smile On Me

AM: 90 Minutes, Trainer Ride.

Why do a trainer ride when it is 65 degrees and little wind? Well, I had a trip to the dentist on schedule so I decided today would be easy and I would bang out a quick 45 minutes. However, just like happens with running I was lost in the sounds of my iPod and really enjoying the ride. The fatigue I had upon wake up was gone after 10 minutes and I wanted to ride for 2 hours. My only limitation was my scheduled appointment with Dr Brad Kaplan. During the ride I did some one leg efforts to try and improve my economy. I have some issues with my leg length discrepancy and my right groin hurts on pulling up so basically if I were to be serious about biking (which I'm not) I would get professionally fitted to my bike.

I had my last wisdom tooth removed. It had decayed really bad and the exposed nerves were causing me to eat Advil like M&M's which I don't think is healthy. Ironically this one tooth extraction was worse than when I had the other three together. It was left in initially because it looked alright and was coming through nicely but when sometime last year half of it was chewed with my foot clearly the time had some to get rid of it. I avoided the proceedure but last weekend it somewhat ruined my Boston weekend and has been hurting since. Now its gone and I am enjoying my music with some Vicodin and good energy.

Today I found two new bands to become obsessed with. The first is Passion Pit, a group from Boston! They have been around for a couple of years and have an ep released that I purchased today. A forthcoming album in May will be their first long player. They are awesome and very refreshing. The music is really uplifting with elements of Crystal Castles, Postal Service (they opened for Death Cab) and 80's synth pop. I heard one of their songs from Pitchfork's top videos of 2008 and after I heard the same song on the local college radio station I figured I needed some of it. Perfect music for right now. This video is for Sleepyhead, a track with lots of house music influence and baleraic tones. Enjoy>

Love Kel

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