Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just As The Drinks Arrive

AM: 51.6 Miles, 2:42, Blvd, Bike Path, Colt State Park
PM: 45 Minutes Trainer Ride with Hill Climb simulation

Just a great day of training and lots of energy. It was hot, hot, hot today. About 88 degrees and windy so not ideal bike conditions. This AM I rode 30 miles with Coxy and added on another 21 myself although the desire to keep riding was at times overwhelming. I was so disappointed that I had to stop. So why did I stop? Its called learning a little bit about my body and this whole cycling game. I was extremely warm and without fluids. My skin was starting to burn so I badly needed sun block and hydration. When I got home I realized how much salt was around my face and with the temps getting warmer still I opted to stop. Jumping on the bike for some more action this afternoon was motivation and excitment that needed tending to. After a long run your legs feel smashed but after a bike ride the feeling is different. I was tired today but my legs felt strong and the additional afternoon session was great. Not that I am saying its better than running! Nothing is better than running and this bike game is a means to an end. Eventually it will be an end in itself but every ride, every training session and every sweat fest on the fluid trainer my thoughts and visualization is on running and the return to competition hopefully this fall. Another good week of training and with weather improving all the time it looks like these next few weeks will be time to raise the threshold and make some fitness gains.

Love Kel

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