Friday, April 3, 2009

Two Suns

PM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride.

Steady pace on the trainer, keeping the HR at Fat Burning levels of around 135-145. It was a lovely ride followed by a trip to Garden Grille with Frankie and Albert. It was a lovely evening although I did get the knock after my ride. Considering the fact that I was starving before I got on the bike this is to be expected. So again, on schedule, and replicating running work as best I can. It is obviously not as enjoyable for me but aside from alter-g its the next best thing. Alter-G is still a month away.

I "stole" some albums from Alberts computer and put them on my iPod. If any of them are really good I will buy them straight away. I am trying to find new artists so I was recommended a few and I will give them a listen on my ride tomorrow. I equate this process with borrowing a friends CD. I never feel bad if someone loans me a cd and I listen to it or burn it to my iTunes but there is something about taking music from the world of torrents that does not sit well with me, even though I do it. More often though I take music from friends hard drives or I take bootlegs which is fine. These live shows never see the light of day and I wish more bands encouraged it. 

Anyway, I will report on the new tunes when I wrap my head around it over the course of a 2-3 hour ride tomorrow. I hope everyone is having good training and motivation with the spring in full bloom. Time to get after it.

Love Kel


  1. Regarding torrents:

    Thou shalt not steal if there is a direct victim

    Thou shalt not worship pop idols

    Or follow lost prophets

    Thou shalt not take the names of Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, John Hartmond, Desmond Dekker, Jim Morrisson, Jimmy Hendrix or Sid Barrett in vain.

  2. Keith, Reading your blogs occasionally. As a runner nut-job for a lot of years, I sympathize. I can't see my life without it but once in a while an injury forces me to stop. Like right now - two knees are getting some rest before hitting the trails again. We lifers never feel as if we've achieved quite everything we want to yet and the first few days of each layoff are the worst. Keep the faith and have fun with JMAC - another nut-job!
    George Aitkin