Saturday, April 25, 2009

With Your Back To The Wall, You've Got One Place To Fall

AM: 57.3 Miles, 2:52:30, Solo, Blvd, Bike Path, Colt State Park.

Tough morning on the bike. The weather was fantastic but there was the typical spring wind and it was out to give me a lot of trouble. I opened up with some steady laps of the Blvd and then I hit the bike path to head for Colt State Park. It was a stiff head wind all the way and in stubborn and maybe a little amateur fashion I rode hard. I was already feeling it by the time I arrived at the park and I was slugging down my fluids because of the increasing temps and pollen. My goal was to ride 3 laps of the park hard, giving me a 10 mile tempo. The wind on the opening stretch was stiff, whipping of the ocean. By the third lap I had slowed and I was struggling to maintain the speed of the first two laps. My Heart Beat my coming through my chest so I clearly went over the top and my "tempo" was now a VO2 session. I figured the wind aided return to P-Town would be exactly what I need but I still rode hard back and when I got to the Blvd I experienced my second Bonk on the bike. I had intended on doing three laps to give me over 3 hr and 60+ miles but after two laps my legs were shaking and I was becoming a little wobbly. I came home and felt like going to sleep. The Bonk is really unusual and I need to learn that if I am going to ride hard and at a high HR for a long time I need to get my nutrition down. Running is so much easier! Speaking of which, my knee felt pretty good on the bike today and right now I am cautiously optimistic that I will be able to start Alter-G sessions in the next few weeks. Tomorrow is recovery, an easy 2+ hours with Coxy.

Peace and Love,


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