Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kickdrum On The Basement Floor

PM: 95 Minutes Trainer Ride, w/ Workout

Workout: 10 X 1 minute Hard/Easy, 4 x 3 minutes very hard, 1 min Recovery

All intentions of riding outside went out the window when I arrived home to see the Penn Relays coverage was about to start. After ten minutes in on my trainer ride I really regretted my decision. The first 15 minutes was spent on the 4 x 100, a race that took 37.9 seconds. I started to forgive when they showed the entire college mens 4 x 800 but the DMR took the piss. Ato Bolden, who in all fairness knows his sprinting has no place commentating on a distance event. He made a balls of the last leg refering to Nate Brannan as Matt Lincoln all the way. He also said that Lopes Lamong was sitting in at the back when he was leading the thing. He mixed up Lopes with the Kenyan despite Lopes wearing an obvious white USA singlet and the Kenyan wearing a Red and Green Kenya singlet. Embarrassing. I opted to watch Sky Sports News and put on 'Editors" while doing my reps. It was fantastic. I felt strong and worked my ass off. The level of satisfaction I now feel is joyous.The new Passion Pit album has leaked onto the interweb. Why can't people like me just wait for the album to come out. Remember the days when you used to go to the record shop the day an album or single was going to be released. Wonderful times. I used to go to Paddy Conners to get the latest and greatest 12" techno tunes. Sometimes their would be a line to get in because there may only be 1 or 2 of a latest import. Now its all about getting it early and giving it a listen on mp3. But I continue to do it, I participate in the animal that is the blogosphere and I search for premature releases for hours. I don't feel too bad about the new Passion Pit album because I will buy it as soon as it comes out and I am going to see them on this tour. Amazing stuff.

I was reading about a dude from Sweden who records under the name "The Legends". His list of influences include, The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys. Obviously I am going to like him. I stumbled on his myspace page through a blog that I read daily. Anyway, I know little about him but I fully intend on spending the next few hours finding out more and maybe purchasing an album or EP. Little poppy and maybe cheesy but I am a glutton for nu wave. Check him out on the belo"New Order" rip off track and Euro video.... brilliant.

Peace and Love,


  1. Very New Order...bit of just like heaven going on too...."very nice"

  2. forgot to say, your post reminded me of queuing up for the "strangly ltd" 12" of Fire/Jericho in 1992 in abbey discs....check this out

  3. i got a legends record back in 04(?) when kasabian first came around.

    you should check out the frausdots:

    theres another band i got around this time but i just cant think of was good at the time but in a huge pile of unlabeled blanks I'm not going to search it out.