Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Truth Is, You're No where Near.

PM: 63 Minutes Trainer Ride

So after another day in the office I opted to risk dry socket and I jumped on the bike for a steady ride. The arbitrary duration of the ride was a result of being summoned to the shower since myself and Frankie were meeting Coxy and Mylene for some Noodles 102 on Ives Street. Amazing. The ride was great and felt extremely easy. No intervals or anything, just steady cadence while watching a re run of the Man U Arsenal game.

A band that has been doing the rounds on my iTunes is War Tapes They are fantastic and sound like Echo And The Bunnymen meets Franz Ferdinand, except a little more post nu wave. They call their music Doom-Pop on their myspace but I find nothing doom about it. It makes me want to get up and dance. What is very cool is that they have allowed a free download of their ttrack 'Dreaming Of You", so you can get that here. The new album 'The Continental Divide" is out next month and I managed to snag 5 songs from the blogosphere that all sound great. I am listening to more passion pit but these are still great and once the album is released I will be supporting with a purchase of it and some tickets to their Paradise show in July. Check out "Dreaming Of You" live. I love current vocalists that sing like the nu wave artists of the 80's.

Peace and Love

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