Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life In A Glasshouse

AM: Trainer, 20 min WU, 15 Sec on/off 6 Minutes, 20 Minutes CD

One of the sessions prescribed by Johnny Mack, It was just an intro into leg turnover. I was going to do a second set but my knee didn't like what I was doing so I had to back off. Nice session on the bike all the same and another day of XT in the bag. I had meetings all day at Reebok today. It was long, but very productive. Lots of good stuff happening this year.

I'm off to bed because I am tired. I didn't listen to any music today. Even on my workout this morning my iPod ran out and since it was 6:30 I couldn't exactly lash the tunes so I just watched the news.

Peace and Love,


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