Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Smiths Were Just A Band

PM: 45 Minutes Steady Spin Bike

As promised I took a day off and as I imagined my leg felt much better and continues to feel better. Clearly there is something off in my pelvis that is causing my left leg to act up. Its been this way since the Ras and has worsened since the National Champs. I know it can be easily remedied and I have faith in my treatment plan and sticking to the Treadmill for a few days.

My week of training this week looked like this:

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday:AM: 10 Miles, T-Mill, 63:50, BSC. Core Work.
                         PM: 35 Minutes Spin Bike with 6 x 1 minute at 90% effort.
Thursday: AM: 10 Miles, 63:20, Treadmill, BSC
                      PM: 35 Minutes Spin Bike, 30 Minutes Core
Friday: AM: 8.3 Miles, 49:30, Fruit Loop, Blvd
                PM: 5.8 Miles, 36:50, Blvd
Saturday: AM: 14 Miles, 1:19:30, Fruit Loop - Blvd - Pawtucket
Sunday: 45 in Spin Bike

Week Total: 48.1 Miles, 5 Runs, 1:55 Biking, Core , Yoga

Solid week considering I took three days off running. It is time to look forward at the big races I have coming up and that means getting healthy and straightened out.

Being without a phone is somewhat liberating but its time I got back on the horn. Francine is going to run out of patience with me so hopefully I will be back in contact by tomorrow night. Big shout out to Mary Cullen who snagged bronze at the Euro Indoors today. Brilliant performance.


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