Thursday, March 5, 2009


AM: 10 Miles, 63:20, Treadmill, BSC
PM: 35 Minutes Spin Bike, 30 Minutes Core

Another morning visit to Boston Sports Club and another 10 miler on the mill. Had Paddy Moulton next to me so it was nice to have a bit of chat prior to iPod zone. I did feel pretty good and more importantly my knee was not bothered at all. The treadmill really helps. My man Jay R reckons that the mill encourages mid foot strike which puts less pressure on femur head against the tibia head, the main cause of my pain. The weather was great and the temptation to run outside was overwhelming that it took a lot of will power to go to the gym. 

Once again rather than run a second 5 mile I opted to get on the bike for the same duration. I also did a 30 min core class with lots of joe soaps that are much stronger than I am. It was great and right now I am in agony.
I listened to the above album several times today. Lykke Li is a Swedish singer who is fantastic. Some really great songs and her contributions to other artists work is also phenomenal. The music is poppy, soulful, electro, and melancholic all rolled into one. Check out the video below for the track "Tonight", which was released as a bonus track on the US edition of Youth Novels. Its really lovely and will put a smile on your face. You can download, on the secret chapter icon for free from her website. 

Another great day of training today and a fantastic buzz in general. I am getting back into the roll of training but I am not over doing it. The goal is to get to Jordan with a healthy knee and lots of good energy.

Peace and Love,


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  1. Hay Keith..great blog!

    I have a piece upon mine about you and the lads runnin g next week in Somerville...U2 is playing in Davis Square a few days before on the 11th