Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seasick, Yet Still Docked

"I am a poor, freezingly cold soul, so far from where I intended to go. Scavenging through lifes very constant lows so far from where I'm determined to go"

Yesterday I rode the bike for an easy 34 mile spin in 1:56. I rode with Lee Cox and we kept the rpm high and the speed down. It is so easy to get on the bike and crunch big gears and cover lots of distance but with this being my first ride and my first XT session I decided I would stay in the small ring on the front and just spin. It was lovely riding and although still cold I felt the conditions were almost perfect. Today however is a different story. It is freezing and lashing rain. Just as well because I am suffering with the mother of all colds and I can't clear my head at all. 

Last night we saw Morrissey in Concert down at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. It was a great gig although one of the oddest Moz shows I've been to. The MGM is an amazing concert hall but it is not suited to this kind of gig. Its all seater for starters. Also they have rules that you don't get elsewhere. No opening act for a start. Whats that about. We arrived during "This Charming Man", and I count myself lucky because some people arrived with about 3 or 4 songs to go! He played 4 Smiths songs, lots of old Morrissey, and a good portion of the new album and songs from Quarry. The band came out for an encore after 90 minutes but the MGM grand literally pulled the plug. All the amps were off and Moz clearly looked impatient. After waiting around for a minute he said goodnight and stormed off. Moz is notorious for throwing these hissy fits but in all fairness the whole show seemed mismanaged. Moz kept poking fun of the fact that right outside the doors of the theater were miles of slot machines. All the crap aside the gig was worth it to hear Moz sing "Seasick, Yet Still Docked", one of my all time fav Moz tracks. It was not nearly the best of the 7 Moz shows I've been to but it was not the worst either so all in all for 25 bucks t'was a lovely way to spend Saturday night.

Nest up on the gig front for me is Bat For Lashes in April. I can't wait for this one. In the meantime I am getting back on the bike for lots and lots of easy miles to get in touch with my fitness again.

Well Done to Mark Kennelly who finished 68th at the World XC yesterday. I cant help but feel a slight sense of envy and frustration because I know that if I never got hurt I would have improved an awful lot over the last few weeks but thems the breaks. Kim Smith also had a great run to finish 13th after battling up front for the first half of the race.

Tomorrow is Monday and it is back to regular Blogging. The training has started so watch this space.

Love Kel


  1. good ride on the cobbles of the east bay bike path!!!

  2. Love it. I saw Morrissey at Avalon in Boston in 2000. The Sheila Divine opened...great show.

    Setlist from that show is here:

    Good luck with your training and recovery man.