Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Not Here

AM: 12 Miles, Alter-G, 1:02:20, 75% body weight, 2% grade

Another day on the Alter-G and even though my knee felt ok as soon as I got off it was back to square 1. Good news is that I am lined up for an MRI on Sunday. My man Mike Silva at Foundation Performance hooked it up and I will have the results on Monday before I leave for Ireland and thus World XC.

I want to thank you for your comments and many emails. Having support like this is simply more important than the running itself. I have proved I can get my act together in 15 weeks so if I have to miss 8 weeks now I will still have a great summer of running, biking and Alter-G ahead.

Tomorrow morning Liverpool play United at Old Trafford. I'm nervous for this game.

Peace and Much Love


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  1. up the pool....the alter-g sounds amazing....L-R-B-M

    all you can do is try. but don't try too hard