Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sing Me To Sleep

AM: 7 Miles Easy to Steady running outside on blvd.

I am almost to depressed to write anything. Lets just say I am waiting to hear the results of my MRI tomorrow morning. I am not confident because this morning I did a 7 mile loop easy and my knee is still screaming in pain. You may be asking why did I run outside. Well I figured since I am getting an MRI I may a swell really get the injury hot to make sure the radiologist gets a thorough reading. Of course I have no medical evidence to support my reasoning, it just makes sense to me.

Fantastic run by Pat Tarpy winning the New Bedford half in a solo 63:27. Looks like the boy has found his wheelhouse. Expect big things from the Tarpskin and check out Cutting Shapes for his wonderful thoughts on training and life.

If you noticed a reduction in content on my blog it is because of this injury. My heart is a little black these days and I am listening to The Smiths and recently some New Order to help ease the darkness. I just need to get the results of this scan so I can move on with the next stage.

Thanks for the support,

Love Kel

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  1. Keith,

    Been checking out your blog for a while now..great to see you racing so well.
    Best of luck w/ the MRI!