Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Used To Be Alright

PM: 5.5 Miles, Easy Running, No Time

I did my run today with Kevin Adams and Lee Cox. We ran an easy loop around the Blue Hill Trails. It was not a good run for me. I have a big engine right now but it sits in a horrible chassis. My knee will not give me a break. It was hurting from the first step to the last. It basically feels like the head femur is bouncing off the head of the tibia. I know I have little meniscus left but whats there is not working so I need to do something. Suggestions Welcome!

Tomorrow I am seeing Doctors and getting treatment at Foundation Performance. My concern is that if I keep running I am going to develop a hairline fracture on the surface of one of the bones. There could already be a stress reaction or some bruising but it makes no sense to me as I was able to run a hard 12k of XC on it 9 days ago. Last night I ran 10 miles on the mill and it really wasn't bad. Again, another concern is that I have dealt with so many injuries that I tend to think of injuries on a different level then many other runners. Maybe if someone with more sense had this same pain I feel they would consider themselves injured and take a month off. I don't want to take time off until after Word XC and my goal is to maintain fitness until then. I also don't think that time off is going to fix it if it is bone on bone. I will need more treatment or maybe an injection of some sort. Resting will only prolong the root cause. 

Enough with the speculation. I am on a minor injury that could be bad. I need to weather the storm for two weeks in which time it may go away or it may get worse. Its a gamble I am willing to take. Tomorrow is Alter-G so that will be a great test to see if it really is bad.

Peace and Love,



  1. Alright Keith hope the knee isn't too bad, maybe you will get some good news from Foundation Performance. Anyway take care and look after that knee

    Robbie F

  2. Eliptical Bro. Warmup and warm down on eliptical to get the training effect and take stress off th legs and make your running steps count. No sense using up steps getting loose or recovering.

  3. have to agree with the wise man john clark above...spinning bike and eliptical are you're only man...hope the alt-g works for you!

  4. you need to decide if you want to do WXC or UK xc. the writing is on the wall that this thing aint getting any better with you pounding on it so much.

    Look up a guy who played for the 76'ers awhile back named Jeff Ruland. they did some wacky ass surgery on him that allowed him to come back and hoop damn near the age of 40. something about drilling holes into the knee to creat scar tissue to act as cartilage or sometging.

    you either need to slow your roll and get healthy now so you are tip top for euro uk or suffer through and ruin yourself for worlds or possibly before.


  6. Keith..just to add a bit more. The previous story indicated two Steelers successfully used this therapy before Super Bowl. It might be too late for World Cross, but maybe long term. Regardless, great job at Nationals. Keep the faith and listen to those closest to you for Worlds. Cheers, Jimmy and Mimi