Saturday, March 7, 2009


AM: 14 Miles, 1:19:30, Fruit Loop - Blvd - Pawtucket

The weather today was truly fantastic. Spring was in the air and it was most welcome by the active community of P-Town. Lots of people out running early this morning and I was personally fired up for some training. I have no schedule for my next segment since I am running as I feel. I figured I would do some uptempo stuff today, just in the training shoes and part of the run rather than a formal tempo run. I warmed up about 4 miles and then ran 41 minutes at a hard effort covering about 7.6 miles, 5:23 pace. I stopped at this random time because I actually planned on running 40 minutes but just mistimed it. 

All in all it was a great session and the perfect reintroduction to training....HOWEVER since the run my leg has been killing me. My knee became inflamed within the hour and an old nagging nerve pain that I sometimes get decided to drop by and say hello. All day I have had a dead leg feeling and my knee keeps giving out on me. I am a little depressed because I would never have run 14 miles if my knee was sore before hand. I didn't feel it during the effort, although I did feel some dodgy nerve sensation and some dead leg action. It is not uncommon for me to feel soreness as I rarely have pain free runs but usually it ends once the run stops. This is the opposite, it has gotten much worse since the run and that tends to mean there is something off. My body has been beat up since last Sunday and I need to nip this in the bud and get myself straightened out.

Here is the brief plan of attack. Day off tomorrow followed by appointments to see Dr Alan Sowa for adjustments. I will get a couple of these back cracks to get things straight. Also some visits to Mike Silva at Foundation Performance so he can do some physio and work on getting rid of the joint swelling. I will hopefully get back running on Monday but I will do more treadmill and may even do my workout on the mill this week. I need to race on Sunday, not only is it worth a few quid but it is important for me to get in a hard effort before I go home and further interrupt my training prior to world XC. Thats the plan and I will be sticking to it.

Listened to a lot of New Order lately. I watched the excellent documentary "Joy Division" again when I was at home and it triggered a New Order buzz for me. However my current mood calls for some Ian Curtis. Misery loves company!

Well done to Ro McGettigan who finished 4th at the Euro Indoors today just missing out on a medal by tenths. And much good energy towards Mary Cullen and Deidre Byrne who contest the 3k final.

Off to bed in a very somber mood,

Love Kel

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  1. Hey Keith

    Keep your head up man!
    You'll be good.
    Congrats on Irish Nationals man!

    Keep it roling

    Jay Cech