Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waiting For The Sirens Call

AM: 10 Miles, T-Mill, 63:50, BSC. Core Work.
PM: 35 Minutes Spin Bike with 6 x 1 minute at 90% effort.

The roads were clear but it was freezing and since I have a couple of dodgy knees I thought it best to hit up BSC for some Treadmill action accompanied by my trusted iPod Shuffle and some Bat For Lashes mixed with Sunset Rubdown.

The run was fine and my knee felt the best it has since Armagh. I think the Treadmill actually helped because of the even surface and the additional shock absorption. The hour went past very quickly and I had desires to run for an additional 20 minutes but elected to stop at the 10 mile mark. Tonight, rather than go for a second run, I jumped on the bike and did the same duration I would on an afternoon run. It was lovely.

So back to the routine and it feels good. I will be checking out the music scene tomorrow and getting some new albums including the new U2 and a few post-rock records. I have already listened to "No Line On The Horizon", and I think it may be a grower. One or two songs are really strong but there are a few very ordinary moments on first listen.

I was up at Reebok today discussing my future with the company. More to come on that. Right now I have no phone so I am unable to contact anybody. It should all be remedied by Friday.

Peace and Love,


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  1. as far as music its likely not your cup of tea but the new Neko Case is fantastic and i also got a Hurricane #1 record which has some great singles but is nothing spectacular otherwise.