Thursday, March 12, 2009


AM: 10 Miles, 56 minutes, Alter-G, @ 75% weight, 3% grade, Ave 5:34 pace

Finally had the chance to get on the G-Trainer and it was awesome. I reduced my body weight 25% so I was about 120 pounds. I didn't feel any knee pain at this weight but once I went up to 85% I started feeling it so I returned to 75% and upped the pace. It is pretty easy to run fast so tomorrow morning I will run an hour and hopefully hit about 12 miles.

The news is not great however. My knee is still very sore and inflamed. I am going to try and line up an MRI tomorrow to rule out a stress fracture. The surface of the femur and tibia are definitely hitting off each other and causing stress. I personally don't think its a stress fracture but I think I'm on the way to getting a stress fracture. Where I am confused is not so much with the pain, I have been dealing with that for the last 3 weeks. I am confused as to why its happening and how I am going to deal with it moving forward. I am not training very hard, I am putting the bare minimum of stress for someone trying to run at a high level. If I have no meniscus left and I have a chronic ailment well then it may be back to listening to The Smiths and sinking into depression. I am looking forward to seeing the Ortho in the next few days to get to the bottom of this pain and on a practical journey on how to fix it.

Right now I am still planning on running my races but I am a few days away from pulling the plug on the season and taking 6 weeks. I have proved to myself that I can fit with little training and this was coming off a 7 month lay off. Coming back from a 6-8 week lay off will be nothing. The weather is getting better so I will be able to get out on the bike. Maybe I should stick to the bike but running is like a drug to me. 

Peace and Love



  1. I feel for you, I really do. I've been hobbling around for ages now on a knee that gets better but then changes its mind. But being a geezer I don't have the deadline of a World Cross Country Championships bearing down on me so I'm lucky...well, maybe not.
    Good luck.
    Rich Englehart

  2. Try to put the race sunday out of your head, the win in santry suggests a properly functioning Keith Kelly has way too much left to offer to jeopordise in any fashion.Sincerely hope the mri comes up with solution.

  3. First, Keith - I still have a blast reading this all the time. What you share is under-appreciated. I'm glad you have so much positive distraction going for you - try not to watch the match on Saturday; Rafa might be crying on the touchline.

  4. You are in a crucher of a situation that I certainly wouldn't relish. This is the pinnacle of self management and the decisions that follow are in your own words...'going to change your life forever...'

    Panic and confusion never helped anybody so no matter what the outcomes of the MRI they are not an option.

    Would be wise to shift your level of training to the bike and even to the pool for a while. I know they are not your drug of choice but what strung out junkie would turn down a fix of something to tie him over until his drug of choice?

    Remain positive and best wishes for the game tomorrow