Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet And Tender Hooligan

AM: 61 Minute trainer ride.

I just got myself a basic program from my good friend Johnny McCormack. Johnny is a cool cat from Cambridge, ON and a general bike nut job who continues to inspire me with his lust for life everyday. Th program is pretty basic and involves some light interval work to get the legs turning over and the muscles bike friendly. I need to throw myself into biking because I get depressed when I think about running.

I appreciate the recent emails and feedback/comments here. The eyes are on the prize for Euro XC, nothing is changing that goal, nothing.

In the meantime I suggest you go out and buy Its Blitz, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. I was talking to Fagan the other day about the songs I heard and we both agreed that the new Direction is fantastic. Mulvey, get on this album, its fantastic!

A lot of traditional YYY's fans believe this is too much of a departure from their garage/punk roots. However I embrace the move and I know many other people that will agree. They have started to use new instruments and bring in aspects of electronic music. At times they sound like Crystal Castles. The album is a far cry from Fever To Tell but Karen sounds better than ever in my opinion and I am truly excited by the direction they have taken. Check out the youtube below for one of their tracks.

Peace and Love,


  1. u da man kel,
    thanks for the plug. love your enthusiaism....hope i spelt that take care of that knee, i want to see u run again. dont' get mad or depressd about whats happened, get even!!!! and smart about what your body wants.

    giv'r eh!!


  2. ...and how do u post the youtube vids??? dont have a clue...want it like u got.

  3. got the album. its very good. reminds me of version of the album on itunes with some acoustic versions of the songs on it...."very nice"